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Flanesford Priory

When retreating, the environment in which you wake and sleep is as important to the creative nourishment of your muse as where you workshop, where you eat, and where you socialize.

You get that and more at Flanesford Priory, a historical building established in 1346 by Sir Richard Talbot, Lord of Goodrich Castle for Augustinian monks.

Nestled within the heart of the Wye Valley, and set between Goodrich Castle and the River Wye, the Priory’s thick stone walls are the keepers of 600 years worth of English history, and have merited a mention in the famed Domesday Book

With its atmospheric corridors, ornate stone windows, and the odd ghost lurking around a corner or two, the Priory is a medieval marvel oozing character from every nook and cranny.

Come and be inspired!