Workshop Location: The Garden Café, Lower Lydbrook, Gloucestershire.

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Scribblers will enjoy work shopping and daily meals at this award winning organic restaurant and event space in the charming village of Lower Lydbook, set just a stone's throw from the banks of the River Wye: itself the namesake rive for The Wye Valley; a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Special Scientific Interest.  The Garden Café is located within the Malt House, which itself is a part of the Estate of Lydbrook House and Gardens.

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Built in the early 19th century, the building, like many others of the area, is constructed with course rubble stone and has a hipped slate roof. With a large open floor plan, beamed ceilings, and comfortable seating, it is the ideal space for a day of writing. 
Once the village Malthouse, the Garden Café is a most delightful place to gather; to brainstorm, to workshop, to write, to share stories, and of course to consume some delicious local cuisine.  



Workshop Content

From prompt-writing sessions that will get your hand moving across the page each day, to writing the paranormal (while hanging out in a haunted forest!), writing the cozy mystery (nothing like a quaint English village to come up with some brilliant murder scenarios), learning how to embody your characters with ease, researching the historical, and of course, sex: how to write it hot, along with a few surprises!  
And yes, you will also have plenty of personal writing time!

We will be publishing more details about the workshops and the specific timeline for the week of the retreat as we get closer to the event. - For more information now please call Bobbi Lerman on 781-983-2882.