Beta Reading Services

What does a Beta Reader do?

As a Beta Reader, I am a fan of several genres and work not from the perspective of an editor, but an avid reader. This enables me to give my clients unique insight into the mindset of potential fans/readers. Beta Readers are not editors. It is not their expertise to fix grammar or spelling, though many Beta Readers (myself included) will make note of these mistakes as we catch them. Your work should be traditionally proofread/edited as well.


Why do you need a Beta Reader?

All authors need Beta Readers to help improve their craft. A Beta Reader gives objective feedback on your story, showing you what readers will think of it if it were to be released in its current state.  


Scribbler's Beta Reading Service

This service takes place when the manuscript is in its final stages before release. It does not require a finalized manuscript, although it is my preference. I will read your manuscript and return feedback, which may include notes about the plot, how a character was received,  specific events, etc. This feedback is to show you how I received the book as a reader. If there is a specific element of the story that you would like me to focus on, I will be happy to discuss my thoughts on those with you. I will provide this in-depth overview with my suggestions in writing. 

Former Clients have had this to say about me:


As an unpublished writer, I was unaware of the need for beta review until I saw Bobbi's flyer in a Starbucks. A beta review was exactly what I needed in order to learn if my story had any merit. 


"I appreciate you taking the time to read my manuscript. Your insights in editing have helped me to tighten my storyline and breathe life into my characters. Thank you for all you do!

Roberta Lerman's beta review service did that and more; Bobbi clearly took the time and effort to understand my story and all of the characters involved. She had useful information on all aspects of my story from the overall theme to individual characters to timeline and sequencing. She provided clear and concise comments, pointing out everything from typos to logical errors, offering suggestions all along the way. And, she gave me the encouragement and confidence to continue working on this project.  

Bobbi is thoroughly professional; but, real and honest and very personable. 

If you are working on a story, I cannot recommend Bobbi's services highly enough." - Michael

"I appreciate you taking the time to read my manuscript. Your insights in editing have helped me to tighten my story line and breathe life into my characters. Thank you for all you do!" - Maria

"I am so happy to have had the chance to work with Roberta Lerman on my novel. She provided honest and constructive feedback of my YA fantasy novel, A FOOL’S ERRAND.
To begin with, it is obvious that Bobbi took the time to thoroughly read my manuscript. How do I know? Because she was able to provide comprehensive feedback on the big picture as well as a detailed assessment within each chapter. 
Scenes, sentences or even specific words that needed improvement were addressed along with an explanation of why something might not be working and suggestions on how to fix.  When something resonated with her as a reader, this too was pointed out which is not only nice to hear, but also helps me grow as a writer.

Bobbi spent extra time on my opening scene, paying close attention to what would create interest and whether or not it “hooked” the reader.  This is very important because when you finally submit to an agent, you only have one shot. She also gave me the opportunity to revise my first three chapters and send them back to her for further review. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this was to me.

She also looked at character, conflict, the setting and world my characters inhabited and whether or not it rang true.  Pacing and dialogue were also addressed.

As an added bonus, Bobbi provided me with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the critique over the phone.
This experience resulted in a stronger manuscript and I now know what I need to do going forward. For me, the next step (after revisions) will be a developmental edit.  I am so thankful for this opportunity because I know that when I finally get to the query process, I will be well prepared." - Lisa P

"I first met Bobbi Lerman when I joined Scribbler's Ink. Since that time, Bobbi has been a beta reader for me on several projects. Not only do I value her opinion, but I also find her suggestions most helpful and often times they enhance my work. If you need a beta reader, I highly recommend Bobbi." -Gerri B.

"Roberta Lerman has been my beta reader on most of my projects. I trust in her skill to make my thoughts sound as good on paper as they do when floating aimlessly about my brain. She is not only a published author, but a talented reader. Calling someone a talented reader may not sound like a big deal, or even make much sense to the untrained, but it is very important. You are putting your story in the hands of someone else. While a beta reader isn’t making direct changes, they are giving feedback which in turn will guide your pen.

Bobbi is very good at following the flow of a story and finding the pebbles in an otherwise smooth path. The best part she can usually tell which pebbles need a gentle nudging into the correct place and which you can sweep clear of the road.
Bobbi is excellent with descriptive text and grammar. Some say that beta readers don’t need to worry about minor typos and grammar errors. Bobbi, however, takes the time to point these out where she can so your manuscript is as polished as possible before going to the next step of edits.

If you need a beta reader, I cannot recommend anyone as highly as Bobbi. I don’t want too, it may mean she has less time to read my manuscripts. I will though, because she is great at it and she will help you make your manuscript the best it can be. "


To book this service or learn more, please email Bobbi by clicking here.  

Developmental Editor and Writing Coach

What does a Developmental Editor do? 

I am an experienced developmental and line editor of both fiction (short and long) and non-fiction/academic works. I have worked with writers of all genres and skill levels. Isolating plot holes, identifying areas requiring further development, drawing attention to pacing issues, and providing honest, thorough feedback are my specialties.

I utilize Track Changes in Word, so my edits and comments are not only easy to follow and refer back to, but changes are also easy to implement. 

As a writing coach I help writers break through blocks by offering direction, brainstorming new ideas, and providing plot and character development feedback.


Former clients have had this to say about me:

"Kristin did an excellent and detailed job in critiquing my novel. My story greatly benefited from her work, and I would highly recommend her as a proofreader and critic for any writer wanting to polish his or her novel or other long work. Thanks!" - Roger C.

“Followed my requests in a timely fashion. The feedback was far more than I expected. I have worked with other editors, some very good, none showed the enthusiasm for their work as she did. I’m a novice, unpublished, in the writing world and I needed someone like her. Her direction was extremely valuable.” -- Richard


"Kristin rocks! This project was a developmental edit for a novel manuscript, and Kristin supplied me with ample written feedback and several long chat sessions where we discussed the chapters, brainstormed plot holes, and worked on character development. This was so much more than I expected to receive. I felt like I not only found the motivation and insight I needed to revise the book, but I felt like I found a friend in Kristin -- someone who understands that writing a book is a labor of love and a lot of thinking, re-thinking, and revising. She delivered highly critical feedback and motivated me simultaneously -- the best of all worlds. 

I would recommend Kristin for ANY writing-related project. She has a keen ability to zero-in on questions large and small that plague a piece of writing. She fully invests in the work. I will work with her again without a doubt. She's the kind of editor who makes you want to write." - Meg R.

"Kristin went above and beyond what I had hoped for with this project. I will absolutely use her again to edit in the future. She not only helps with the basics (grammar, punctuation and tenses) but her creative suggestions will improve my book immensely. Thanks, Kristin!" - Lauren M.


“Kristin is wonderful to work with. Very talented and proficient. I look forward to working with her again.” – Shehz B.


“I have worked with several people who have done very good work. Kristin outpaces them at every turn. Her work ethic is exemplary and her ability to ask important editorial questions has guided me towards writing at a new higher level of ability. There is no question in my mind that she is a teacher deep down in her heart.” – Richard F.

To book this service or learn more, please email Kristin by clicking here