"The Scribbler's Ink workshop was a wonderful experience. Bobbi created an encouraging, creative and fun environment that helped to jumpstart my writing and get me out of a rut. She is incredibly supportive and an all around lovely person, and I'm grateful to be a part of her Scribbler's community."

-M.L. Hankens


"Bobbi Lerman's writing workshops are like a breath of fresh air. After the brief introduction you are given prompts and you write - sometimes about an object, sometimes to finish a sentence. And then you write again - sometimes a five minute piece, sometime a ten minute piece. 

After you write each piece, you read your work out loud to instant feedback from the group. It is fun, mentally exhausting and enlightening. I've used two of the pieces I wrote that day as the basis for blog posts so far. 
Oh, did I mention the yummy food? 

Attending one of Bobbi's workshops is like doing your writing a favor."

-Gail Balentine


“I enjoyed the writing workshop given by Bobbi Lerman at the Salem Atheneum. She encouraged the class to write quickly and creatively on a wide range of possible topics, then had each writer read their short composition to both give and get feedback on their writing. As a teacher she was encouraging to each of us in the group. I would highly recommend Bobbi as a coach and teacher.”

-Don Gardner, Marblehead, MA


“I enjoyed the Scribblers workshop immensely. Writing to Bobbi’s prompts freed me of my inner critic for the day and jump started my writing. One of my pieces from the workshop is now my first novel in progress. I highly recommend Scribbler's workshops!”

-Maureen Callahan


“The Scribbler’s workshop was terrific. I fell in love with prompt writing and the timed writing sprints. I liked getting the immediate feedback from the group and I liked even more that the feedback was focused on the positive of each person’s piece. As a novice in the writing arena, this was the perfect entry.”

-Stephanie DeCastri


“Attending Bobbi’s writing seminar at the Salem Athenaeum rekindled my love for writing. She instructed me it can take two minutes to begin and end a prompt. With rusty skills that was the best advice, simply put.

The seminar itself brought much more than just that simple advice. Bobbie had provided light and delightful refreshments and came with boxes of photos and phrases to use during the seminar. Writing, reading and discussion times never once felt at odds.

Coming away from the seminar, I find myself writing almost every day. I would love to keep honing my writing skills with Bobbi’s expertise and guidance.”

-Allison Croughwell

"I went to my first Scribblers Ink Writing Workshop in January, 2015.  I am shy by nature, so I was very nervous walking into the Salem Anthenaeum on that snowy Saturday. As it turned out, I did not need to be worried.  As soon as I walked in everyone I met was warm and friendly. 

After having coffee and getting through the initial introductions, I felt completely at ease. We got going by picking a writing prompt (it’s usually a sentence beginning, but also can be a picture or an old postcard).  Using the writing prompt is the easiest way to get the creative juices flowing and having each prompt be timed ( 5 mins, 15 mins ) makes it easier to just start writing.  Each time the buzzer went off I just wanted to keep going!  

I have been to two of Bobbi and Kristin’s workshops and plan on attending more in the future.  I am hoping they plan a writers' workshop long weekend as well!!! 

And let me also mention that the lunch they serve is delicious!!"

- Heidi DeMayo, Peabody MA