"Love Delights” – Interview with Stacy Hoff

About our author:

Stacy Hoff is a writer and attorney. She specializes in contracts by day, and writing romance novels by night. Stacy lives in New England with her husband and two boys.


What would you most like your readers to know about you that they would not read in your official bio?

I am an artist. Once a month I take art classes. I’d like to take more, but considering my full-time law career, full-time mommy job, part-time writing stint, and need to also spend quality time with my husband, it just isn’t feasible. I relish the time I do have in the art studio. For the past two years I’ve focused on sketching live nude figures in charcoal. I love the creative freedom—so different from the linear process of writing.


How did you become involved with the Season of Love Anthology?

I know several of the wonderful ladies that made this anthology, and they invited me. I was excited to be asked, and thrilled to be included.


Tell us Scribbler’s a bit about “Love Delights, and what inspired this story?

One word: Chocolate. There is simply no food more seductive in existence. Anyone who wants to fight me on this is going down. Seriously.

As for the heart of the story, I tried to make this sumptuous as well—two co-workers (and ex-lovers) at a NYC ad agency won’t admit they’re hungry for each other. Too bad they’re in competition for the same ad campaign, and job promotion.


Do you have a preference for the novella/short story venue vs. the longer novel?

Both long and short stories present writing challenges, as well as excellent opportunities. Before writing “Love Delights,” I had only written long. The Season of Love Anthology gave me the chance to experience writing short. The downside of creating a 12,000-word manuscript is having a whole lot less time to build in all the elements needed (character arc, plot, backstory, etc.). The upside is having no sagging middle to have to jump in and save.


What is the first thing you know for sure about a new story; Concept? Plot? Character? Something else?

It really varies each time I write. I am a definite “pantser” and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I’d say if I get anything concrete down before I start, it is the general concept of the book, although that’s not usually too fleshed out, either. Since my day job is as a lawyer, I like to let my creativity guide the way when I write fiction. If I couldn’t simply follow my Muse I probably wouldn’t write novels at all. What would be the fun?


Is the writing process different for you when writing the shorter novella vs. a full-length novel?

Not at all. Pants away!


Your characters are so well developed, do you create a deep backstory for your lead hero and heroine when you are writing a novella, or do the characters let you know what they want to do and where they want to go as you write?

Thanks for the compliment! I do develop a deep backstory for my characters, though not everything will make it into the story.


If given the opportunity to influence the storyline, would your hero, Trevor, make any changes? Would your heroine, Deirdre?

Yeah, if Trevor could change in the plot he’d get Deirdre into bed—and his life—ASAP!

As for Deirdre, she would have already made peace with what has happened in the past—both with Trevor and her family—and be with him.


Tell us about your heroine; give us one strength and weakness.

Deirdre is extremely creative, which is why the ad agency holds her in high regard. Her weakness, however, is that all of her insecurities hamper her creative process.


Do you see any members of the Valenti family getting their own story?

Good question, I never thought of it! I always start off writing stand-alone books, although I’m finding sequels can emerge. In fact, this November I do have a sequel (Desire in the Arctic) coming out for the first full length novel I wrote (Desire in the Everglades). Would I write a sequel for “Love Delights,” starring one of Deidre’s family members, the Valentis? Sure!


If you could cast anyone to play the roles of Deirdre and Trevor, who would you pick?

I’m so pathetic with my crush on Hollywood hottie, Daniel Craig. He’s always who I picture when I write my hero. Sigh… Anyway, for “Love Delights,” Daniel would need longer hair.

For Deirdre, I’d need an actress who could portray a sweet yet insecure creative type. Bonus points if the actress can show a simmering sexual heat she’s desperately trying to beat back down into submission. Any ideas from Scribbler’s Ink readers would be welcomed!


Can we have an excerpt from Love Delights?

Deirdre’s iPhone’s appointment-book feature finally went off, letting out a sharp beep. This was it—meeting time. Positive thoughts, Dee, only positive thoughts. A cold shiver ran through her as a thought popped into her head. They do value me here, right? After all she’d gone through, she just had to get this promotion. She would get this promotion. In fact, in a few minutes when it became official she’d go down to a bar, toast herself with a coconut daiquiri, then drunk-dial her oldest brother, Jake, and gloat. A slow smile spread across her face.

About to enter Mr. Fein’s office, her biggest rival for the job promotion—Trevor Reynolds—reached for the exact same door handle. “Oh!” she exclaimed. Her smile immediately dropped from her face. Confidence plummeted along with it. Stop worrying, Dee! This must be a scheduling screw-up.

“Hello, Deirdre,” Trevor said in that sexy, sultry voice of his.

Deirdre hated that voice. Specifically because it worked so well on her. Despite all her determination to be immune, immunity from Trevor’s charms was not an easy task to accomplish. His sensuous voice was only half as tantalizing as his mouth-watering good looks.

Even hearing him through the thin drywall that separated his office from Deirdre’s brought embarrassingly steamy memories racing to the forefront of her mind. Memories of their one night stand—no, one night mistake. Ever since then, she tried to keep her meetings with Trevor to a minimum. Since this was Valentine’s Day, she’d tried doubly hard to avoid him all day. She’d been successful until now. Awkward.

“Hello, Trevor.” She gave him a tight nod. “It’s nice to see you, but I have an appointment with Mr. Fein now.”

“What a coincidence,” he said, cavalierly. “So do I.”

Her brow furrowed. Having Trevor at this meeting would not be good. How could she concentrate on Mr. Fein’s words when Trevor was watching her? Her still-lingering attraction to him was hard to block out. Worse, having Trevor at the meeting would create a professional mess. How would Trevor react when Mr. Fein announced she’d be getting the promotion he’d wanted? Unfortunately, he was just as driven in his career goals as Deirdre. Would Trevor be gracious when Mr. Fein gave the job to her? After all, there was only one Creative Director spot.

With multiple stories and multiple authors, how do you decide upon a title for the anthology?

Simple voting by all the authors decides all this. It wasn’t too hard for all of us to agree. We wanted to keep the words, “Season of” in the title to be consistent with the first anthology, Season of Magic.


What’s your opinion on self-publishing vs. traditional?

I have a traditional publisher for most of my full-length novels, Soul Mate Publishing, Inc. I love working with them. I am, however, glad I agreed to do this self-published anthology. I found it to be very “hands on,” so I’ve learnt a whole lot about the publishing industry in general. Both traditional and self-publishing have been wonderful opportunities for me.


How do you balance the need for self-promotion with the need for writing time?

I can’t say, because I drive myself crazy doing both. Right now my tongue is lolled out of my mouth after having run around “the twin circles of terror.”


Is there a genre you’d like to attempt to write?

I’m really happy writing contemporary, although I do have an upcoming release, Art and Seduction, a darker romance involving a college student and an art professor.  We’ll see how it goes. Normally I don’t veer away from my standard genre, so this will be new ground for me.


Do you have a favorite book?

Too many. I might as well work for Barnes & Noble and take my payment in product. I’ve always been a book junkie. In college I was an English Lit major. (No big surprise, huh?)


Is there a playlist you’d recommend for “Love Delights”?

“Chocolate” - Kylie Minogue

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” – Def Leppard

“Pressure” - Billy Joel (when Deirdre and Trevor are trying to come up with a winning ad campaign in an impossible deadline)


Do you have a favorite author?

Literature: the Bronte sisters

Contemporary: Kristan Higgins

Paranormal: Chloe Neill


Favorite word?

Homer Simpson’s “D’Oh!”


Least favorite word?

“Notwithstanding.” Legalese kills my creativity.


If you were to give only one tip to an aspiring writer, what would it be?

Join a professional writing organization. I myself am a proud member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), and Connecticut Romance Writers of America (CTRWA). I would not have been published without guidance from these groups. Trust me.


What books or other projects do you have coming up in the future?

Here’s my upcoming publication schedule:

Mid-September “Art and Seductionin the box set Hot Seduction—Six Sizzling Tales. (Dark romance, professor-student, love triangle)

Early November Desire in the Arctic (the stand-alone sequel to Desire in the Everglades. Action-adventure/contemporary romance)

Additionally, I have two more full-length contemporary romances I am finishing up now, hopefully to be published soon.

Things have been busy for me. In addition to all of these new releases, including Season of Love, Soul Mate Publishing, Inc. released Lawfully Yours, a full-length contemporary novel March, 2015. I should probably work on getting more than a few measly hours of sleep at night from here on out.

Thanks so much, Bobbi, for having me on Scribbler’s Ink!




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