The Writing Process with Vicki Batman

Season of Promises Anthology 

I came into writing in what I refer to as the back door. I didn't have creative writing or journalism classes in high school or college. I did write good papers and some poetry. 

A friend challenged me to write. She knew how much I admired Dick Francis' books and the writing. All I had for me going was being a good reader which is where a lot of writers come from. So I took up the pen—slash—computer and plunked down eight chapters. I showed what I'd done to my friend and she said to keep going. 

I did. 

And in doing so, all I wanted to do was better myself in this craft. In a way, it's like knitting or any other hobby. In order to be very good, you have to practice. I took classes, read craft books, kept writing, critiqued, got critiques, and finally, I sold a bunch of short stories to the True magazines. 

Most days, I work out, eat, shower, and sit down for a good day's work. Sometimes, I do a lot of social media; on others, I work on my current project. Because I am a pantser, I don't have an outline and tend to write slowly. That is what works best for me. But in the end, I have a project I am proud of. 

From the Season of Promises holiday anthology, I present "The Littlest Angel," a romantic comedy short story. 

Two people. One Christmas ornament. Who’ll win this tug of war? Lauren MacDonald has always coveted her mother’s ornament, The Littlest Angel. When her mother gave it to another, Lauren finds a replacement only to have it snatched from her hands. Smith Hancock’s grandmother had a little angel which is now missing. Finding another at a flea market would make her holiday the best ever. Only a pretty girl is claiming it for herself. Can the twosome find common ground and learn the true meaning of Christmas? 

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