Kristin and Bobbi's Write Life Wednesday - 5 Places to Find Your Muse NOW

Writing can be hard. I get it. Really I do. We've all stared at the blank page or blinking curser, questioning why the universe would give us this passion if not the words to fulfill it. But here's the thing. Whether you call it inspiration, your muse, or a cure for writer's block, the answers to the question of where to find inspiration are all around you. Here are 5 places to find your muse now.


Get Caught in Public

I've said it before and I'll say it again, few things are as valuable to a writer as being a total creeper. Eavesdropping is a fantastic way to study how people speak, the ways they interact with friends vs. colleagues vs. their parents, and how they react to various situations. If you need character-building inspiration, people watch at every opportunity, then take the intel you have gathered and put it to work for you in your WIP.

In an Alternate Universe

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Pick two favorites from opposite ends of the spectrum, and throw them together. A Katniss Everdeen/Jay Gatsby romance perhaps?

Ask yourself, What If?

Bobbi and I love playing the What If game...

What if you woke up in a world inhabited only by kittens? What if you lived on toast for a year? What if you hated your job, but kept at it because you felt you owed it to your mother's best friend to do so? What if the government told you how many calories you could consume, so you became a chocolate smuggler? What if your one true love appeared the morning after your dream wedding? What if? What if? What if? Keep asking these questions until one piques your interest, and then see where it takes you.

Look in the Mirror

Look at yourself. No, really. Take a look. Who do you see? Who does the world see? Who do you wish you saw? If the person staring back at you could be anyone, go anywhere, do anything, what would that look like? Now write it.

Start at the End

Use the last sentence of the first book you pull off a shelf as a prompt and see where your story takes you.  

And Extra Bonus Points for My Favorite -- Retreat!

Few methods are as effective for rebooting your muse as the energy of being surrounded by other writers. Bonus points if this takes place by a private beach (our retreat does!) offers fabulous opportunities not only to hear authors speak, but to interact with them throughout the weekend (yes, again!) and fosters camaraderie among attendees in an encouraging and positive atmosphere, open to writers of all skill levels and genres (ding! ding! ding!).

Join us August 12-14 in beautiful Duxbury, MA. Feel the sand between your toes as your hand moves across the page, and experience the wonder of this amazing Women's Only Weekend Event!


For more info on the Scribbler's Ink Women's Weekend Writing Retreat, go here.